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Dancing with God: A Spiritual Autobiography
Dr. Bobbie McKay takes us on a journey to discover God available everywhere for all people. Dancing with God is a book about the dance we call "life." Dr. McKay helps us find God in our own lives by sharing stories from her life and from some of the four thousand people in her original research study of Spiritual Life in mainstream, interfaith congregations. Each chapter contains a unique God experience. Chapters can be read in any order. It is a powerful way to share God experiences in a group setting. Dr. McKay challenges us to follow a God directed pathway: to trust that Love does not abandon us and to know that Spirit linked to Spirit will change the world.

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When God Becomes Real: Stories of Presence; Models of Church
Dr. Bobbie McKay introduces new approaches to ministry and community for the 21st century. She tells the stories of models of church that she has helped to create, in real places, among real people. Her own encounter with the God whose name is "Surprise!" has led her to ask thousands of other people about the God that they know. And, thousands have responded with stories of God's healing and empowering presence. These stories have brought many together - members of established churches as well as those who have left the church behind; Protestants, Catholics, Jews, a beginning connection In the Muslim community; and some with no religious affiliation at all. Together, as they tell their stories, as they talk about their real lives, this astonishing variety of people is becoming what McKay calls "The New Spiritual Community." This book invites you, the reader, to know that God is Real and to add your story to the telling!

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Taking a Chance on God: Exploring God's Presence in Our Lives
"It is exciting to reflect upon the potential that this imposing body of qualitative and quantitative research has for bringing about healing relationships among people at the deepest level. The authors have done the scientific and religious world a great service in probing beneath the surface of life to give us a new and fresh insight into the action and presence of God in human existence." - George Gallup, Jr.

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Healing the Spirit: Stories of Transformation
"A heartwarming and tranformative book that hints at a theology that transcends denominational and cultural barriers joining the raw material of human experience to the capacity of the divine to transfigure and make new." - Reverend Stephen Parsons, Reprinted from "De Numinae" The Journal of Religious Research Center, Oxford University, U.K.

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