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Who We Are

Reverend Bobbie McKay, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. Her Ph.D. is from Northwestern University in Counseling Psychology. She is the author of six published books; has led over 900 seminars and workshops having to do with spiritual life and psychological health. She designed and completed an interfaith research study in spiritual llfe with over 4000 participants and additional research studies in Spiritual Life in Older Adults and Adolescent Spiritual Life. She is currently a Pastoral Associate in Spiritual Life at the Glenview Community Church, Glenview, lllinois.

Lewis A. Musil, MFA holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Chicago and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Musil was a writer, producer and director of theater and television for twenty years. He was a Visiting Professor in the use of Religion and the Arts at Garrett Theological Seminary for two years. He also taught at the Goodman Theater School of the Art Institute. He was chairman of the Department of Creative Drama in the Evanston Public Schools for sixteen years.

Dr. McKay and Mr. Musil have been adjunct faculty at Chicago Theological Seminary. Dr. McKay has also taught at New York School of Ministry.

The Spiritual Health Center, NFP was created by Dr. McKay and Mr. Musil to help people find new ways to discover and share their spiritual lives.

Since 1996, Dr. McKay and Mr. Musil have been involved in three interfaith research projects:

  • The Spiritual Healing Project
  • The Adolescent Study of Spiritual Life
  • The Spiritual Aging Project

They have published four books about Spiritual Life.

Their work appears in Religion and Healing in America, edited by Susan Sered, Ph.D. and Linda Barnes, Ph.D., Chapter 2. Oxford University Press, 2005.